Junior Programs



Junior Programs

 Junior Development Main Draw & Qualies


These are  high performance classes with a focus on point play and advanced construction.  Juniors learn to develop advanced singles and doubles strategy to help strengthen their games.  All players in these classes have developed the correct grips and have extensive match play experience.  These players have a full understanding of the rules of engagement.  Main Draw players are invitation only and Qualie players must have instructor approval.


These juniors are putting the finishing touches on the proper grips and are playing novice and open divisions.  Players are developing sound match strategies and are polishing their understanding of the rules of engagement. Many of the players will be in Junior Development Qualies. 


 12 & Under  

All of these juniors have progressed from the 10 & Under format to the 12 & Under format.  They are getting their tournament feet wet in the select novice tournaments.  They are learning basic strategies and still developing proper grips and strokes. 

 10 & Under

This revolutionary program allows even beginning juniors to play points from the start.  Utilizing the 60 foot court and the low compression balls, these juniors are able to develop strategies and court understanding in a very short time!  These juniors play Level 6 tournaments.

 8 & Under

Not only is this class absolutely adorable, it is tons of fun!  Players learn to play points on a 36 foot court using foam balls. By using this format, players play longer points, hit more balls, and get better faster!