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Western Arkansas Tennis Association



***Members cannot reserve two or more courts at one time.  Members can make 3 reservations within 3 days in 1.5 hour increments.  Members can reserve a court consecutively.***




Western Arkansas Ballet Junior Championships September 9-11

The registration to the Western Arkansas Ballet Junior Tournament is now open! This is a Level 4, 5 & 6 event and players can register online. **Deadline to enter tournament is September 6th, 2016 11:59PM.** Entry Fee is $30 for Singles, $15 per person for Doubles. For our Level 6 events it will be $20 per player for Singles and $10 per player for Doubles. Play for the Level 6 events will take place on Saturday only (weather permitting). A player gift will be rewarded to all applicants, Ping Pong challenge throughout the tournament, and a pizza lunch on Saturday. To avoid any errors players should sign up as soon as possible! If you have problems registering for the tournament or have any questions regarding the tournament, feel free to call the Creekmore Tennis Center Shop at 479-782-5333 or Jheri Buchanan at 479-414-7291.









Adult Beginners:


4 Weeks of Lessons 

SATURDAYS 9-10am Creekmore Tennis Facility

TUESDAYS 7-8pm Ben Geren Tennis Facility

Call 479-782-5333 to sign up!